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Do you have a skill, product or service you could sell on this page. Register, upload the evidence, sell it, share a bit to help support our work.


Hopefully you would have read our mission statement and values and hopefully understand that we want to empower our communities within Africa and the diaspora. By you selling your products via our site you are not just giving yourself another avenue to sell your products or services but you are helping us to fund do more.

We will sell products and services derived from local and international talent. Terms and conditions will be applied and users must agree to 1% of the full cost of item or service, we charge to cover admin and processing fees plus a donation of 1 pound to every 10 made through this site. Complete the Enterprise trade market application today and we will contact you to set terms, conditions and agree processes of transactions or an alternative upselling agreement for the products, services and rights set at the sellers / service providers fees must be agreed by all parties before we proceed. 

 Enterprise Trade Market Application

Please upload a picture of your item or media file for sale. If you provide a service then if you have any pictures of your work or you in action.

Please note we are only able to accept files that are no bigger than 15MB.  If you have larger files send via email to admin@universaltree.co.uk

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