Back to the Future Project (B2F): The Children of the African Diaspora Tours 2019/20

Take a look at the start of this journey with Lloyd Miller starting in Brazil and watch this space for videos and educational materials and details of our new book, as a result of this journey of South America, Mexico and the Southern states of the United States of America. Check out Brazil with Lloyd Miller below:

The above film clip is part of Universal Tree Ltd‘s “The children of the African diaspora tours,” which is part of our Back to the future project (B2F). The B2F is an on going life-long project, which hopes to connect history and people together. We present for you historical information in a short clip of Lloyd Miller interviewing an Afro-Brazilian Historian and tour guide.

The Back to the future project is designed to connect with black people all over the world bringing them together, both people born in Africa the motherland and the children of the African diaspora. The term African diaspora is a term commonly used to describe the mass dispersion of the people from Africa before and during the transatlantic slave trade between1500s to 1800s. This diaspora took millions upon millions of Africans from mostly western and central Africa to different regions throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe changing the dynamics of black history and culture for black people forever.

”Sometimes you have to go to back into the past to save the future“

by Lloyd Miller

History is the blueprint to changing our futures, in fact it is why you and I are here now, why we are, the how and who we are now. This is why all what we see is here now and history teaches us many lessons but it seems as if we have forgotten, ignored it and or we just simply don’t know it!

The Back to the future project is intended to re-educate people through the facts discovered via research uncovered from history obtained by travelling the world and reconnecting the dots to bring about information and awareness to how diversely rich and colourful our history is. From the great empires and Kingdoms to advanced civilisations, spiritual traditions, cultures, over hundreds of years old, with some traditional practices still used today. There is so much to learn and rediscover such as the amazing inventions and systems to the black race surviving against the odds of colonialism, slavery and systematic systems designed to keep blacks all over the world oppressed.

“If it is seen in the past and it is seen in the present, then what have we learnt? Nothing!”

By Shireen Wright

There is a reason for this in the mist of world history, its called economics and power and a deep hatred for the African, blacks around the world.

Watch this space for our children of the African diaspora tours books and more videos, blogs and reviews.

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