Personal Development and Career Enhancement Program (PDACE)

Developing people to enable valuable contributions and for successful futures…….. 


The PDACE program is designed to allow candidates to receive and gain access to various training and developmental resources relevant to their area of specialism, interests, current employment or career goals, through the use of various methods of ICT tools and services.  Whilst on this program you will have access to various organisations for work-based training or actual employment and real career opportunities.

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Whatever your personal development needs are, we are here to help you....

Whether you are unemployed, already in work or studying, we will work with you and will support you in every step of your way in achieving your dreams.

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All PDACE candidates will have a personal development plan and place you in the appropriate business areas for development. This may be in the UK or with our partners. 


In any business there are many roles and we provide you with work-based developmental learning which you have access and control of what area of the business you wish to learn and gain practical experience from. 

Universal Tree brings to you our TREE our brand;

Training - Onsite, offsite, anywhere online courses and internationally - currently in UK and in the Gambia, West Africa.

Resources - Through networking, collaborating and sharing Ideas. We Create links and additional resources using various forms of ICT methods, e-learning and the use of virtual classrooms. UT are able to offer you so much more together alongside our other partners and affiliates, that you can have access to resources, gain knowledge , experience and share best practices with a wide range of organisations and industry sectors.

Experience - We can offer various forms of work experience in real roles, in various environments which will help strengthen your skills, close any skills gaps and support you in developing  new skills and knowledge you may wish to learn.

Excellence - You are encouraged to work at high standards and are supported all the way to invest in your own development.  We give you as much exposure and tools to become an expert in your field of specialism.  We passionately educate to achieve success. We ensure high standards and we are committed to our own continuous professional development and we put all staff, volunteers on our PDACE TREE program.  All staff are trained to the highest standards.

The Benefits of the PDACE Program

UT's PDACE Program offers candidates:

  • Work based learning that provides real work experience outcomes

    • Application forms and CV support including references  (we also provide you with your very own portfolio).

    • Control of learning and evidence of development.

  • Access to various levels of support services

  • Access to various employers and resources through our virtual classrooms as part of the personal enhancement and developmental training

  • Access to training in IT for work and learning

  • Employment opportunities for successful candidates

  • Access to work based training opportunities globally, currenyly in UK & West Africa, Gambia (through Universal Tree Gambia) such as Business & Entrepreneurship, Teaching, Hospitality & Catering, ICT, Fashion & Design, Music and Agriculture.

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