Our Partners, Affiliates and Clients

”Working Together to Support Communities through Education, Training, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship to create better standards of living for all and most importantly Sustainability””……..

We work in partnership  with various organisations to support economic growth and look at ways we can share information, collaborate and engaged with the communities in the UK, Africa and the world to find ways of supporting and aiding better standards of living.

Universal Tree Ltd are in partnership with Young Stars Movie Production (YSMP) , based in West Africa.  Through our sister organisation "Universal Tree Gambia" and our Tech 4 Text Community hub, which consists of providing a range of services to the local community, developing innovative ways to provide aid and support to communities and eduction providers including businesses through our Global Community Hub, Peoples & Skills Bank and Personal development and Career Enhancement Program (PDACE). 


We provide smart solutions to communities through Education and Training, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship to create better standards of living for all and most importantly Sustainability.   ''We believe together we can make a difference"..

Universal Tree and our partners offer various services such as administrative systems and support, social media marketing, sign posting, networking, training, recruitment and basic ICT tools for work productivity solutions to organisations that help us to design, implement and deliver our services.  Universal Tree and our partners, work with individuals, organisations and other charities and community based projects in providing support to the community and young people.

How do we support other community organisations?

We do this in many ways such as;

  • Undertaking  and developing fundraising activities including making donations to communities and or organisations who require support within the UK and Africa by providing Skills and resources, donations of clothes, education equipment, monetary gifts and other necessities.

  • We deliver a series of development and community based projects and activities to support and achieve purpose within the community, opening new doors and teaching that the sky is the limit.

  • We offer Personal Development and Training services and support through Universal Tree and our Partners and affiliates.

  • We offer  care and Support services through UT, signposting clients and users to  our partners and other charitable organisations.

  • We help to provide employment and traineeship opportunities through our PDACE program and our partners


We look to partner with or affiliated with other like minded organisations or organisations that meet any of our aims and objectives, Currently in the UK we are working with Black People Giving (BPG), who are doing some amazing work who we support and look forward making an impact and strengthen our services together.

Our Partners & Clients
​Our partners and clients come from various industries and diverse background worldwide.  Please see some of Global community hub members and partners including  the founders clients who were either her direct or in-direct customers below who she has either provided business support in the areas of advertising, project management and recruitment as well as designing and delivering training for clients such as employability courses or industry training courses such as food hygiene, customers and a variety of accredited and non accredited tailor-made courses.
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Our Global Community Hub Memebers & Partners

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