Lighthouse Organisation Gambia

In partnership with Universal Tree Ltd 

The Lighthouse Organisation Gambia was originally founded and registered as a non-profit and non-political Community based Organisation in The Gambia in 2009 and was established with a mandate to help and support underprivileged children, in supporting them and their families to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

The Lighthouse Organisation Gambia (L.O.G.) was founded by Pamodou S. Jallow and is located in New Yundum The Gambia, West Africa close to the Banjul International Airport (G.I.A). The L.O.G. aims to give young people from the surrounding communities the opportunity to gain hands on experience in practical application as well as on theoretical skills in Business and Enterprise, Retail Management, Farming and Trade, Fashions and Design, Bakery, Construction, Carpentry and Building Management Training, providing hands on training with a purpose and most importantly sustainability. 


L.O.G. comprises of 13 departments including The Vocational Training and Knowledge Centre, a stationary shop and the Women’s Association and garden community of New Yundum and volunteer workers from Tabakoto.  

Our Work

The Lighthouse Organisation Gambia (LOG), have  experienced specialists and technicians from the community who are responsible for department areas including training, motivating and supporting the youths and women.  


The Lighthouse Gambia gives young people and disadvantaged individuals the possibility to develop their skills and get a positive direction in their life even if they were inferior to social, financial or other circumstances.  


The Lighthouse Organisation have their own land to which training areas allocated for agricultures and mixed farming concepts including experimental cropping and a workshop area for practical applications. The different workshops they offer include carpentry, Fashions and design, tailoring, metal processing and electrical training facilities. All delivered on land and buildings owned by the Lighthouse Organisation Gambia.

The Lighthouse organisation have partnered up with Universal TREE to offer and support more, strengthen our service to deliver more to our communities.  Universal Tree Gambia visits the Gambia with her two children see interviews and videos below.

Today Lighthouse Organisation Gambia are in the process of Redevelopment of land and building of a new Early Development Nursery School Centre (EDC) for young children between the ages of 2- 7 years old. 


L.O.G Community Early Child Development (ECD) School NEWS

The Head of the Early Child Development school is Daniel, a truly inspiring, hands on individual, responsible for ensuring the school meets all standards, setting the curriculum and recruiting staff, his work does not end there as he can be seen mixing cement at the UT project site visit.  The renovated and expanded ECD school will be opened in August 2019, After a 12 month regeneration and expansion of the old building and surrounding land.  The new school will house three well large classrooms that will be well ventilated with windows and natural light.  The school is highly welcomed by the New Yundum community has there is no other school in this area, currently requiring the young children to travel quite far crossing very busy roads which is unsafe for the children. Since UT visit in October the school has completed three classrooms, created a borehole and installed the water facilities which the school and local community will benefit from.  UT & LOG held an event for the community informing of the new school to be opened, with life music entertainment and presenting the community children with school supplies, clothing and shoes.  The event went well and the community were very happy about the  announcement.  

The Women'Association

The Women’s Association (WA) are doing some amazing thing including the current entrepreneurial and sustainable project activities they have been undertaking such as the development and maintaining of vegetable gardens which the CEO pictured with some of the team. However these amazing women also engage in other activities such as:


  • Making Batik Fabric to supply the Fashion and Design Manager to provide materials to the sewing team for clothes production.  The clothes made is supplied to the women from the WA to sell to local shops and the community to be sold in the local markets.  This process is run alongside a credit union agreement between the Fashion department and the WA, in that the Department provides the WA with the tools and products needed to create the Batik fabric, tie dying equipment and tools etc. 


  • Natural body care products from bath soaps to natural lotions and oils made from 100% natural resources such as flowers, Honey, Shea butter and cashew nut.


The Agriculture and Farming 

The LOG agricultural departmental is managed by Par ( we call him Dr Par (pictured in blue), not to be confused with the CEO, but he is certainly a doctor when it comes to agriculture and farming ) land is growing both the women's and youth vegetable gardens are already proving a sustainable and provides and income for the agricultural projects in that both the volunteers and community benefit from the use of the land. Universal Tree would like to raise money for this amazing team in order to raise capital for expansion and in order to raise  and farm cattle. The agricultural department grow a range of produce from Bananas which are sold in the market and are given to the community women within the Women's Association to sell as well, to a wide variety of vegetables, teas and herbs. The agricultural department deal in plant transportation and nurseries to which the department delivers training and send LOG members from the department to Europe and Canada to train and for further development. The community youth volunteers come from various backgrounds some of which were living rough but thanks to LOG's sustainable projects they are able to have somewhere to live and maintain themselves. 

Small Business Enterprise

Entrepreneurship department (ED); The ED Chermo Sarjo runs the stationery shop providing stationary supplies to students and the local community.  It delivers business management training and enterprise. It is in this department whereby all the product buying, stock control and inventory and accounting processing and procedures take place a great place to develop and train entrepreneurs. The LOG mini market is a vital enterprise to the community being the only food and general grocery supplier within the local community. Pictured to the left is the Mini market manager, he teaches young people in all they need to know in running a shop, from ordering and maintaining stock to identifying needs and accounting. LOG would like to expand this shop to be able to stock more and provide more services to the community.  Currently Log have two of these shops the other not featured here also offers, stationary, printing and mobile top up services, both shops have apprentices working and training in these shops. In addition to this the LOG also as a stationary shop within a busy area providing, stationary and school equipment, printing and photocopying services to which the shop is run by LOG volunteers and apprentices. UT would like to help our partners expand there enterprise projects, please help us and donate today. 

Fashion Design Department

The fashion department is managed and delivered by Kabba Jagne. Kabba makes clothing items for the community and currently has 5 apprentices, two of which do not attend school  but the others do.  Kabba trains the young males how to make and design clothes and is always has request from many young people wanting to work and train but he does not have the capacity to take on more than 6 trainees at a time as the skills they learn with Kabba enables them to earn an income with Kabba and elsewhere.  After talking with Kabba and his team, it was clear of the impact he was having in his community. Kabba wishes to expand his small work area to take on more students, he requires more machines which will improve on his already amazing work.  UT have been working with LOGS fashion department conducting our own feasibility studies on what they can do with their current resources and equipment and what they need to be able to delivery UT's Made in Africa project in conjunction with Butterfly Boutiques (BB).  In this Kaaba and his team were sent instructions and design patterns and one BB womens underwear and was asked if they could reproduce this.  We were amazed of how well they were able to pull it of in the limited time frame they had and the lack of equipment. Kabba and his team in addition were able to make three garments from a photos and various samples of there work including a large fabric bag.  We did not continue with this venture as it was clear to see that investment is required to buy the required equipment and tools and they would be able to meet and exceed our expectations. 

The Bakery Department


The LOG Bakery bakes bread for the New Yundum community and the bakery manager, manages the whole bread making process and production including the day to day running of the departments and the management of staff. The Bakery Manager currently has four volunteers who receive hands on training in the production and making of bread, including delivery to local businesses and the local community and surrounding villages. The deliveries are made once a day during Ramadan, Normal delivery is twice a day, during the early morning and in the evening. The delivery of the bread is transported by the volunteers on Bicycles. We currently have four bikes available. Universal Tree and their children visited the bakery department and ate the beautiful soft warm bread, produced shown in image to the left. During UTs observations and assessment, a lot of work is required to bring health and food safety standards which requires investment. 'The CEO is qualified in delivering both food and hygiene training and support.  UT  requires financial support to assist this amazing department up to the required standards.

The Construction Department & the Guest House

The construction department is managed and delivered by the Vice Chairman of LOG Mr Yahya Jallow.  The construction department consists of Yahya and upto ten apprentices who receive hand on training and are also sent to partnering organisations for further training and development and LOG Volunteers. The department may hire or obtain extra staff when required to complete large projects. The construction department have built all of the LOG buildings, from the ECD school, guest houses, the LOG head quarters and the mini market shop.  The construction department are an amazing team they are currently expanding and revonnovating the ECD school to accommodate more children with good facilities and ventilation meeting and exceeding all government standards. The construction department are a truly amazing department as UT witnessed these young men make bricks and mix cement.  Most of the LOG apprentices come from disadvantaged backgrounds, some were living rough, however now they have a place to stay as they are responsible for building their own homes, learning a trade and giving back to the community in which they serve.