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Do you need help in writing your CV, completing a job application, looking for work or need support with an up in coming interview?


Maybe you already have a CV but you have not heard back from any employers or you wish to seek employment in a new field but do not have the technical skills to do so.  



Whatever the scenario, we are here to help you.

CV Writing Support Service


If you don't have an existing CV and need a new one created, click on the button below or Click here to complete the CV writing support template.  Once you have completed the CV draft and we have processed your CV and made our assessment. We will send you an invoice and link to make a donation of £25.00,  or £15.00 to Global Community Members.  If you are unable to make a donation. Please state on form and complete form we will contact you to see how we can help through our Global community hub and our PDACE schemes.

Free to UTLOG PDACE Volunteers, UTLOG Partners who already pay the minimum monthly subscription.

Depending on the CV type you purchase you could have your CV back within 48hrs in both an editable and non-editable version.

Please note all money received will be invested in supporting communities through education and training and sustainable projects here in the UK and in West Africa.

Looking for Work or Career Change?  

If you need extra support click here to have a look at our PDACE Voluntary Programme . Where you can build upon existing skills and learn more in a self directed approach to your development. 

Job Application Support

We support you through completing your job application forms.  All you need to do is upload your CV and complete the form below providing us with the Job application details you are applying for. 


Please give up to 3 working days and ensure you provide accurate information and time available below. The cost for service is the same as above and we will send you an invoice and link to make a donation once we receive and process your request. Please note we only charge £5 to look over an existing application.


If you do not already have a draft CV or need to update then, please complete our draft online CV Template here.

Interview Skills & Support
Do you lack confidence within interviews or have an upcoming interview and need support?  If yes please complete the following form below and upload your Current CV and provide us with much details as you can regarding the role you are applying for. If you have your winning application that got you the interview, this will help us in supporting you further. Click on the button below to complete the support request.

Job Application or Interview Support Request
What kind of support are you requesting?

Please upload your current CV

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If you have a copy of the application you submitted, such as  your supporting statement or covering letter ect  Please email the additional information to us directly Please give at least 2 days for your documents to be processed and you to be contacted.

Please give us a brief description of the position you are applying for in the space below and attach a job description and/ or a personal specification if you have one. 

What does the role entail? where is the position located, what experience are they looking for. for example: The position is for an admin officer within a college. The are asking for the person to be admin literate. The candidate must have good ICT, communiation skills and a problem slover.

Upload Job Description / Specification

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