We need your support to continue and strengthen our projects both here in the UK and in Gambia. Your kind donations will help in many ways. In supporting us you are supporting our partners the Lighthouse Organisation Gambia (L.O.G) with their current agricultural and entrepreneurship programs designed for the community women and youths, including the development of the EDC School in New Yundum Gambia. By supporting us we are able to support existing organisations in delivering programs to the youth, hard to reach a such as our back to the future project and our employability and entrepreneurial programmes

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Back to the Future Project & London Communites

Support our research and our journey so we can bring you more information from the source. We need funding so we can develop and develop fully interactive resources.

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Expansion and Development of the EDC school in Gambia

The Lighthouse organisation Gambia are expanding and developing a new Early childhood development Center (EDC) Nursery school for 2-7 year old in the New Yundum community in Gambia, West Africa. The school is located at the heart of the community so the children in the community will not have to travel far and cross dangerous roads to get to school.

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Expansion and development of L.O.G.'s Women's & Youth Agriculture and farming initiatives in Gambia.

Currently the Lighthouse organisation several vegetable gardens maintained and developed by the youths and women association whereby the produce of the land is sold to the market, Profits made go back into the project and shared amongst the community workers in order to sustain themselves.  The Farm manager wants to expand to include cattle to bring in more revenue for further community development and employment opportunities.

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