Community Projects

We aim to  positively connect  with decedents of the enslaved Africans, travelling to the countries effected by the triangular trade....


We connect with the countries effected for the purpose of historical research, connecting with the descendants of the enslaved Africans, supporting and working with global communities throughout Africa and the diaspora......


We provide support and specialist training to existing organisations and or individuals that support the community and deliver services to the community that support, empower, deal in health and well being. We aim to provide a universal platform whereby communities around the world can connect, share, learn and engage in creating efficiency, building strong community systems to tackle the issues in a community and provide support to individuals in accessing support that will empower and support growth. Please complete the form so we can add you to our community signpost users to your services. 'Together we are stronger, together we can achieve more and grow'...Click here to be added to our Global Community Hub database


Currently we work in partnership with the Lighthouse Organisation Gambia who provide hands on training in areas of fashion and design, agriculture, construction, business and entrepreneurship programs to the youths and women of New Yundum. To find out more about the Lighthouse Organisation Click Here

Our Current and Partner Projects

Universal Tree Ltd is dedicated in supporting our partners in meeting their goals.  This is because our overall goals are similar if not the same and we believe that with the sharing of skills, resources and skills, together we will grow, together, we can learn best practices and together we are stronger, can achieve sustainability and can impact more lives positively.......

Universal Tree London and Global Communities & Back to the Future Project

Universal Tree London, works closely with community organisation and engages on Educational and Entrepreneurial Activities with the Young people and the community. We have two major projects we are working on such as our Youth Empowerment & Wealth Creation Enterprise initiatives and our Back to the Future project.

  • New Wealth Creation Enterprise initiative - "Electronics for youth empowerment, Training and wealth creation"

  • Back to the Future project - Teaching Black history is world history, through visual learning tours and resources. Reconnecting the people of the diaspora. 

If you want to see our Tech for Text initiative of to a head start please donate today to help with building and shipping cost please click on donate today or if you have any unwanted tech, then please contact us by phone the numbers provided on above leaflet or or email; to arrange collection or postage of your unwanted tech.

Please support our 'Text for Text initiative'

Greetings to you and thank you for taking the time to read this page.  I am the founder and personal development and careers enhancement assessor and mentor and I am going to tell you about my wonderful continued journey with one of our amazing young talents in the Gambia, West Africa, whom is now UT's continuous personal development and career enhancement (PDACE), candidate and volunteers, who has worked his way into the role of Head of PDACE Gambia and  IT support and training -Head of Electrical Repairs, Training and  development Gambia. 

Our technology for text scheme ("Tech for Text") is an initiative initially derived from identifying one of Universal Tree's first PDACE candidate and continuous personal development and career enhancement programme (PDACE) candidate Volunteers Mr Sherik Tijan Barrow's (Tijan) skills, abilities and talents.  Tijan is a qualified mechanic with a keen interest in computers and  a keen interest in ICT.  Tijan is able to repair almost anything. However  it wasn't until during a one to one session with Tijan through video communication via whatsapp that I could see with my own eyes his hidden abilities. Tijan showed me a broken drill which had stop working that he had fixed, whilst he showed me the items he had repaired in his home workshop, I was amazed. I informed Them that I had two mini netbooks which would no longer turn on, I will send to him, if was able to do this I said we have an amazing youth empowerment initiative which you will train young people to fix electrical equipment, gain income to sustain yourself and we can reinvest in sending you to university to learn computers at an advanced degree level. Tijan had fixed the laptops with a day of receiving them and this is how we have derived a plan to help other schools, our partner schools and to set up a learning and resources hub with digital services business attached. We  want a library also in which books could be loaned out to schools to enable schools to obtain publications.  If  you want to know more about this project and how Tijan expanded Gambian team with a New head of PDACE youth empowerment, creative media; Culture, history and film production, Mr Modulamin Sowe ( Ml). Watch this space to find out how they helped UT in the development of the 'Tech for Text' scheme, which with this teams creativity, commitment and passion for our goals and values, we are certain of the success in the communities in Gambia. 


Universal Tree Ltd is dedicated in supporting our partners the Lighthouse organisation. We came together for a purpose of improving our communities and communities around the world through education, training and entrepreneurial activities.  It is our intention to strengthen our partners services building capacities, to make our partners the international home for entrepreneurship, hands on training and responsible community tourism for wealth creation and growth.  Help us to be the best so we can learn, collaborate and generate new opportunities globally, sharing best practices and improving and impacting lives.

Agricultural Youth & Women's Association Department  current projects


The Women’s association is delivered in line with Gambian Law and UK Equalities and diversity polices
and they welcome all women from different cultures and backgrounds that wants to support the
community to ensure sustainable projects. The women have access to training and learning new skills and some of their other entrepreneurial activities includes working with the fashion department team in supplying the fashion department with batik fabric which they hand make. We want to do more but we need your help to achieve this goal. The CEO and her children visited this team of LOG volunteers take a look at some of the work the of our agricultural Youth and womens associations work below.

Universal Tree Visits LOG's Women's Vegetable Gardens

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Construction Department and current projects


The construction department is a department with highly skilled leaders and they have bilt beautiful gureest house which the CEO and her children stayed in .  The construction department currently serves the Lightouse not only for training the youths and community members but serves to provide the expansion and redevelopment of the new community EDC school to be completed in the summer of 2019.  

Universal Tree Visits LOG's Construction Department

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The ECD Department Expansion and redevelopment


In October 2018, Universal Tree and their children went to visit the EDC school which the construction   The renovated and expanded ECD school will be opened in August 2019, After a 12 month regeneration and expansion of the old building and surrounding land.  The new school will house three well large classrooms that will be well ventilated with windows and natural light.  The school is highly welcomed by the New Yundum community has there is no other school in this area, currently requiring the young children to travel quite far crossing very busy roads which is unsafe for the children. Since UT visit in October the school has completed three classrooms, created a borehole and installed the water facilities which the school and local community will benefit from.  UT & LOG held an event for the community informing of the new school to be opened, with life music entertainment and presenting the community children with school supplies, clothing and shoes.  The event went well and the community were very happy about the announcement.  

Universal Tree Visits LOG's Construction Department

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Youth Fashion & Design Department

The Fashion department is a fully functional youth empowerment and a sustainable LOG enterprise delivered by the highly talented 26 year old Kabba Jajne, who is the Fashion Design Manger for LOG since 2014. Kabba has  a team of qualified seamstress and student volunteers and his team works closely with the women’s association (WA) who make batik fabrics, supplying the fashion and design manager. Kabba and his team uses the Batik fabrics as additional materials for the sewing team to make and design clothes with as part of a joint enterprise clothing production.  The clothes made is supplied to the women from the WA to sell to local shops and the community to be sold in the local markets.  This process is run alongside a credit union agreement between the Fashion department and the WA, in that the Department provides the WA with the tools and products needed to create the Batik fabric for example tie dying equipment and tools. Universal Tree was introduced to the department through the CEO and we visited them in October 2018. 


Universal Tree Visits LOG's Youth Fashion & Design Department

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 Entrepreneurship Department - The LOG Bakery,  Stationary Shop and Mini Market Enterprise & 


The LOG entrepreneurship department consists of 3 sustainable businesses,the bakery,stationary shop and mini market. The bakery department is run by a bakery manger who manages the whole bread making process and production including the day to day running of the departments and the management of staff. The bakery manager currently has four volunteers – who are involved in the production and making of bread, including delivery to local businesses and the local community and surrounding villages. The deliveries are made once a day during Ramadan, Normal delivery is twice a day, during the early morning and in the evening. The delivery of the bread is transported by the volunteers on Bicycles. We currently have four bikes available. Click on the video links below to find out about bakery, the stationary shop and mini market.

Universal Tree Visits the self sustaining Youth & Community Entrepreneurial  projects

The Mini Market 

The Lighthouse organisation delivers various entrepreneurial enterprises to help support learning, wealth creation and an sustainable income to help fund, their community developments such as the Early childhood development school they are currently developing. To your left is the local mini market managed by Cherno pictured left and his team of apprentices. to your right, which is the only bakery in the community which currently bakes about 100-300 Tapala bread. The LOG enterprises don't stop here, pictured to the bottom left is the fashion department but there is more they also have a stationary shop run by apprentices providing the local community with school equipment and printing services etc. We want to support these existing enterprises with equipment and further training support so they can train, provide more services to the community, as well provide a steady income and even accommodation for many of the young people community volunteers and apprentices. 

The Bakery Department

The Youth Fashion & Design Department

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