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Community Projects

We aim to  positively connect  with decedents of the enslaved Africans, travelling to the countries effected by the triangular trade....


We connect with the countries effected for the purpose of historical research, connecting with the descendants of the enslaved Africans, supporting and working with global communities throughout Africa and the diaspora......


We provide support and specialist training to existing organisations and or individuals that support the community and deliver services to the community that support, empower, deal in health and well being. We aim to provide a universal platform whereby communities around the world can connect, share, learn and engage in creating efficiency, building strong community systems to tackle the issues in a community and provide support to individuals in accessing support that will empower and support growth. Please complete the form so we can add you to our community signpost users to your services. 'Together we are stronger, together we can achieve more and grow'...Click here to be added to our Global Community Hub database


Currently we work in partnership with the Young Stars Movie Production (YSMP),in Gambia who provide inspiration hope and a space for creativity. The YSMP's team are a team of talented young Gambians in developing their skills within the creative arts. The CEO of YSMP encourages and supports his crew in developing fliming projects  including providing for fliming enterprise. The CEO also gives his time to teach thoes who are in need of educational support as well as, volunteering at schools and colleges.

Our Current and Partner Projects

Universal Tree Ltd is dedicated in supporting our partners and community organisation. We work together for the purpose of improving our communities and communities around the world through history education, training and entrepreneurial activities.  

Universal Tree Ltd is dedicated in supporting our partners in meeting their goals.  This is because our overall goals are similar if not the same and we believe that with the sharing of skills, resources and skills, together we will grow, together, we can learn best practices and together we are stronger, can achieve sustainability and can impact more lives positively....... We have created Universal Tree Gambia in Partnership with Senior Director &  PDACE Communication  & Creative team manager Sheikh Tijan Barrow ( Tijan), in this exciting new venture.  We have also in partnership with YSMP in the Gambia. The CEO Modoulamin Sowe (ML), works closly with Tijan. 

Universal Tree London, Global Communities & Back to the Future Project

Universal Tree London, works closely with and supports community organisations globally. We engage with our community by developing educational and entrepreneurial activities with the young people and the community globally in order to empower and improve lives. 

We have two major projects we are working on such as our Youth Empowerment & Education & Wealth Creation Enterprise initiatives and our Back to the Future project.

  • Education & Wealth Creation Enterprise initiative - New Tech 4 Text Community hub  & "Electronics for youth empowerment, Training and wealth creation"

  • Back to the Future project - Teaching Black history is world history, through visual learning tours and resources. Reconnecting the people of the diaspora. 

Please support our 'Tech for Text initiative'


If you want to see our Tech for Text initiative of to a head start please donate today to help with building and shipping cost please click on donate today or if you have any unwanted tech, then please contact us by phone the numbers provided on above leaflet or or email; admin@universaltree.co.uk to arrange collection or postage of your unwanted tech.

Young Stars Movie Production

Previous work with community organsations in Gambia