Black History Resources, Tours & Workshops

"Black history is world history, hidden in plain sight"

Through working with historians, researchers and our own field research we are able to build together tours, workshops and a hub of resources and links to finding historical information. Click here to contact us regarding our historical tour or workshop. Become a member and discover the world of black history with travel tips and advice on prime historical locations.  Through our partners we can offer a very unique services, including international travel and tours which help to support communities through responsible tourism and our international volunteers programme through our PDACE and our global community hub.

Speciality Accommodation and tour packages from the UK to Gambia 


Universal Tree Gambia brings to you through collaboration  and partnership through LJM Travel 360 a unique Gambian Experience like never before.  UT Gambia offers Speciality Work-based training, historical Cultural Awareness, the Youth to Africa Scheme accommodation and tour packages from the UK to Gambia. If you would like us to deliver or design something for you or you want to know more then please click here to complete a service contact request .

What we hope to achieve by our tours and historical presentaions & workshops

We aim to rewrite history and to uncover the truth. In undergoing research and telling our story we preserve our history.

We want to publicise and preserve our images, teaching  and  promoting our history through visual representation and travel . In connecting with individuals and historical organisations we wish to promote, work in collaboration with and for rebuilding our communities.

We aim to turn the horror of the slave trade routes to heal the people by connecting and empowering through history and enterprise. We aim of rebuilding the middle passages, the slavery trade routes into a positive black enterprise hub linking us all as one..... AFRICAN, Reconnecting all and building a lost empire into one black nation wherever we live and reconnecting ALL decedents from slavery Globally.

Universal Tree's Historical Travels

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Some of our Tour locations, Resources and Presentations

Most of the images and resources on this page is of our own and these are actual historical pictures taken from the actual places visited and tours undertaken around the world.  This is part of LJM Travel 360 tours which helped to make the Back to the Future Project possible.  Please note some of the resources  and images here are not made by us and are available from YouTube or the internet.  We provide and design resources and as the information and partnership grows globally we will be able to share more...  


Click the Back to the Future Project link, to see how we link our travel journeys with history -Via  Our " Back to the Future Project" page

Help us to do more and sponsor our work by clicking on the donate button. We are currently working on Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica and New Orleans, tours and we are in the process of writing our children books. 

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