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"Each one teach one." We learn through history not to be complacent and learn how from the mistakes of the past, connect with the world in an inclusive way. 

At universal Tree Ltd, we understand the importance of history and are dedicated to teaching history through travel and visual evidence of 'Our Story' to EMPOWER. Click here to see our journey and access free resources to accompany our journey.


However because we are universal we connect and travel to different parts of the world to learn more about the African culture and black history and its impact throughout the world, at the same time identify and relate it to the effects and historical events and to promote the inclusiveness in the curriculum and to eradicate it from only being taught during black history month and to stop the history of black people being taught in isolation and in a negative manner; because black history is unique and is undoubtedly evidenced throughout the world, hidden in plain sight. 

We connect and travel to different parts of the world to learn more about the African culture and black history linking it to and relating it to the history of the world as we just love history..

We deliver variety of services that aims to teach, engage and empower through history and connectivity. 

Teaching history visually through multimedia presentations, travel and tours.

We deliver and create historical workshops and tours designed for the public including courses designed specifically for young people and institutions such as pupil referral units (PRUs), schools and colleges. Click here to check out our B2F services to find out more

We also can provide teaching and learning resources. Click on B2F - Historical Journey & Resources where we link our travels with history.


The back to the future project was birthed  through our passion for empowering others, preserving the history and travel. We connect and travel to different parts of the world to learn more about the African culture and black history linking it to and relating it to the history of the world as we just love history.

The National Museum of African, American History & Culture - Washington DC

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (the NMAAHC), is a Smithsonian Institution museum located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in the United States. It was established in December 2003 and opened in September 2016 in a ceremony led by President Barack Obama. The NMAAHC is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history and culture," the NMAAHC is the latest and 19th addition to the Smithsonian Institute's family. This beautiful designed building pictured on the left, taken by Lloyd J Miller, when he visited in November 2018, in Washington DC, in the United States. The building was designed by award wining Tanzanian born British leading architect Sir David Adjaye, whose parents where actually Ghanaian. 

Here are some YouTube resources for you to find out more - Inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture

The African Mastermind Behind the Design

Sir David Adjaye OBE is recognised as a leading architect of his generation. Adjaye was born in Tanzania to Ghanaian parents and his influences range from contemporary art, music and science to African art forms and the civic life of cities. In 1994, he set up his first office, where his ingenious use of materials and his sculptural ability established him as an architect with an artist’s sensibility and vision. He reformed his studio as Adjaye Associates in 2000. The firm now has offices in London, New York and Accra with projects in the US, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His largest project to date, the $540 million Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture, opened on the National Mall in Washington DC in fall of 2016 and was named Cultural Event of the Year by the New York Times. To find out more about Sir David Adjaye and his work click  on the  following link:

Sir David Adejaye's Work - Youtube  Resources for you to find out more 

1. King Cotton

Pictured to the left  is the image taken by Lloyd Miller at the  museum an area dedicated to telling the story of behind cotton in southern America, one of the biggest industries after the sugar plantation industry, during slavery. Cotton was seen as  the new gold during the 1830s and 1840s which boosted the American economy and the phase of this era "cotton is king", as cotton was extremely profitable. 

Here are some YouTube resources for you to find out more - King Cotton & the effects on slavery

2. The Civil War - Men of Colour

The image to your left is a picture of a poster calling out to men of colour to fight in the Civil war. This picture was taken by LJM at his visit to the museum. Find out about its importance, take a look at the resources provided below to gain an overview.


"Men of Color, To Arms! To Arms," 1863


After the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted on January 1, 1863, black leaders including Frederick Douglass swiftly moved to recruit African Americans as soldiers. "A war undertaken and brazenly carried on for the perpetual enslavement of colored men," Douglass wrote in Frederick Douglass’ Monthly, "calls logically and loudly for colored men to help suppress it." This broadside, endorsed by Douglass (third name in the first column) and other African American leaders, urges free African Americans to enlist, declaring "If we value liberty, if we wish to be free in this land. . . . If we would be regarded men, if we would forever silence the tongue of Calumny, of Prejudice and Hate, let us Rise Now and Fly to Arms."


Here are some YouTube resources for you to find out more - The History of the Civil Rights Movement.

See Lloyd's Journey Visually inside the National Museum of African History & Culture - Washington DC - History Captured Through Travel ( With Free addition information and YouTube resources to compliment what Lloyd has captured, to provide an explanation, useful  information and background). We leave you to further explore the topics found in this amazing museum and resources provided here, to identify the impact on the rest of the world. For example of  the Civil Rights War / Movement, how did it influence Blacks in the UK and was there such a thing as the colour bar in the UK?

Each One, Teach One  - History Captured Through Travel 

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