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Universial Tree

Universal Tree stands for Unity and is represented in our 'Tree and our Crest logo': Uniting people globally to impact and change lives. The "TREE" stands for Community, Strength and Growth


– we teach the skills required for industry and personal development and we teach history through travel.  



- through history and an understanding of our culture, we gain respect for ourselves and others.

- with communities globally, connecting the dots of black history with world history. We provide a variety of courses, workshops, educational materials, books, visual learning and development resources


- we empower communities globally through history and by implementing community initiatives globally

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Join our Global Community Hub today,  and hep us to  create a community hub of people, skills, resources together and lets shae

ideas, best practices and to create growth, through training, networking and collaboration.

Please help us in our mission in creatinginnovative initiatives, that will impact positively on lives, building capacities for growth and wealth creation. We want to provide users with the skills and networks to succeed, providing access to resources which support growth, employment and trading opportunities through the use of ICT,

the Global Community Hub (GCH) and various community projects.

Lets work togther to support existing community organisations. Lets build strong relationships and strengthen our services.  Together we can support more individuals and communities, bring and encourage business by signposting our users to your organisations that may be able to provide a outstanding service to our clients and to help them to realise their own potential and to support growth and sustainability.

Teach Respect Engage Empower

Teach Respect Engage Empower


Shireen Wright
Lloyd holiday scences pic 3.png
Lloyd Junior Miller
Modulamin Sowe

Founder & CEO -Community Education initiatives, NVQ Assessor & Employability & Industry Trainer / course design

CEO LJM Travel and Back To the Future Project Director, Research and visual Marketing & Learning

CEO of Young Stars Movie Production & UT Creative Arts Mangager

CEO and Founder of Universal Tree. Director for teaching and learning program design and ICT for teaching, learning, collaboration and work productivity.  Business systems documentation design and developer. Shireen holds a BSC Hons Degree in Computing studies, PGCE, Certificate in Assessing Vocational Assessment. Shireen has designed and delivered various course for both privite and public sector organisations, with other 20 years experience in customer service, adminstration with over 10 years in teaching.

Co Founder of Universal Tree. Director of Travel and Tourism Services – LJM Travel 360 & Head of Black Culture Awareness Research and Development tours and resources.  Lloyd has over 25 years experience in travel and is in the top 1 % on Trip adviser for his holiday reviews has he travels the world in search of Black history and historical landmarks. Lloyd records his travels and teaches through visual learning and by creating quotes of empowerment and inspiration.

ML joined Universal Tree Ltd

as PDACE manager and now part of the Universal Tree Gambia community development and youth empowerment. Ml is not just an amazing film writer and producer but he manages a team of young talent members, teaches to thoes who are unable to go to school and students who are preparing for for exams in his own time.

Sheikh Tijan Barrow

Director Universal Tree Gambia PDACE Youth Empowerment Manager /

ICT & Creative Team

Head of Electronic & Mechanical Maintenance, Repairs & Refurbishment.  Tijan is currently participating on the PDACE 

International Program.  Mr Barrow is a highly skilled individual who provides digital and Communication Support.

Supporting individuals in personal development and ICT within the Gambia, engaging in community based projects, and holds various roles from PDACE coordinator for Young people in Gambia, supporting Gambian youths in education, ICT, support including, youth empowerment and wealth creation activities. 


We operate within various UK locations and have training facilities available through our partners and affiliates including delivering courses and services online and onsite of our clients organisation premises. The best way to contact us is by filling out the form below and or send an email or text. Alternatively you can click on green receiver icon to the left of your screen for a quick chat.


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U.K Contact for Universal Tree


Email: admin@universaltree.co.uk

Tel: +44 7539 958 045 

UT - LJM Travel 360

Contact: Mr Miller on 07940501445

Click on green receiver icon to the left of your screen for a quick chat.

UK Address

Email: admin@universaltree.co.uk

Tel: +44 7539 958 045


Universal Tree Ltd

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Lamin, Gambia

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