Universial Tree

Universal Tree stands for Unity and is represented in our 'Tree and our Crest logo': Uniting people globally to impact and change lives. The "TREE" stands for Community, Strength and Growth


- with communities globally, connecting the dots of black history with world history. We provide a variety of courses, workshops, educational materials, books, visual learning and development resources

Teach Respect Engage Empower

"Black History started long before slavery but its the biggest disruption to our history and culture"

The Back to the Future Project (B2F)

The B2F project aims to build a reputation in the UK, connecting the history globally.


We aim to teach and make the distinct connection between Black history and World history, teaching it not in isolation of African American history or British Black history, but world history, connected globally as it has impacted, change and influenced the world, in that, what we achieved, what we contributed and what we suffered, became the result of the empires, the systems and structures we have in place. Yet still to the supprise of many black people, African and the children of the African Diaspora have created civilisations, made great inventions, contrubuted and made scientic and medical breakthroughs, not to mention fighting for equlaity and changing laws and more. We  travel the world researching history. Click here to see our Black history resources

Check out our Back to the future to discover our historical journey and support our work so we can do more

Community iniatives -


Our "Tech for Text" Community hub (Gambia)

The Tech for Text Community Hub is a space where the people of the Lamin Community can learn and grow, gaining access to various services to help individuals’ function successfully in their life for example support in studies, employment and creativity.  The community hub will serve as UT Gambia, working together with the community to help those in need, to support community in providing help and support and solutions to issues in the community.


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The Back to the Future Project

At universal Tree we understand the importance of history and are dedicated to teaching history through visual evidence of 'Our Story' to EMPOWER. Click here to support our work. 

Education & Entrepreneurship Through History

We offer a variety of programmes and services such as educational packages, workshops and tours designed for the public including courses designed specifically for young people and institutions such as pupil referral units (PRUs), schools and colleges. To find out more click here 

Or click here to check out our black history resources.

What can we learn about the past, that will help us to not only to understand the current times but to improve the future? Check out our ''Back the the Future Tours'' with LJM Travel 360. If  you are a tour provider or historian and you would like to know more, including possible partnership or collaboration then please complete our global community hub database here

'Sometimes we have to go back to our past to save the future'

L.  J. Miller - Back the the Future  Project 

Education is the key to success and we have to visit the past to understand current times with the mindset in improving or saving the future....
Back To Our Future Tours

Community Tourism to Support Education, Sustainability and Growth

If you are thinking of traveling for history or you want to travel ethically than please drop us an explaining your needs, We might be able to help you create a trip of a lifetime and connect the dots, for a fee of £35. Click here to have us connect history with your travels.


Through partnership with trained individuals and organisations around the world, we are able to offer special services such as community tourism which all proceeds made through commissiion go back into the development of our projects.   Our special and unique experience enabling guests to visit our project sites and tailored experience through in West Africa, the Gambia, Egypt, USA and Brazil. and still growing. Learn history and about the different sustainable project activities involving the men, women, youth and harder to reach communities.  An opportunity to learn and get involved in the various projects within the community such as the development of the our community hub "Tech 4 Text" enterprise, training, creativity and resources space, in the community of Lamin, in the Gambia.  We engage and provide support through training and various entrepreneurial activities, which help to sustain the community. 

Historical & Community, Travel & Tourism Service Providers 


If you offer historical tours or hospitality services, including transportation services, events etc and would like to offer your services to our customers or you would like us to advertise your service(s) on our website and social media platforms, for a one off fee of  £3.00, then please complete our hospitality and tourism provider request & secure payment formwe will do the rest upon validation.